Majaco Bicycles, founded in 2011, is based in Austin, Texas.

Combining his love of bikes, passion for the arts, and over twenty years of metalworking experience, Mark Combs followed his passion and began concocting bicycles of the greatest design, cleanest sculptural lines and with meticulous attention to detail.

The countless hours he puts into making Majaco bicycles is full of love, adventure and pure joy.

Mark started his metalworking career in the Los Angeles area in the late 80's at an aircraft manufacturing company where the margin of error of his output was thirty-thousandths of an inch. (Insert: attention to detail.) He worked there, alongside his father, for over 20 years.

Mark longed to follow his passion and attended Master Frame Builder Koichi Yamaguchi's Bicycle Frame Building School and just knew he had found his spot in this world. In 2011 he moved to Austin, TX where he formed Majaco Bicycles. Majaco is pronounced Mah Jay Co.

With support from his friends he'd met on bicycle forums and epic group rides, he was welcomed into frame building with open arms and sold his first bike in early 2011. He continues to be the only hands that touch a Majaco bike during its creation.

Since its inception, Majaco Bicycles has grown to include many different types of bicycles and now produces many more road, cross and touring bikes than its original single speed. As more and more fans are discovering the craftsmanship of his bikes, Majaco continues to focus on its core goals: form, quality and fit.

Try it. You just might like it.