Further the customization of your Majaco by adding any of our add-ons for your specified needs. Get creative!


Custom Paint: at Cost

Looking for something over and above our single color paint jobs and painted logo?

We'll charge you exactly the difference our painter charges.

No mark-up, no kidding.


Additional Braze-ons: $20.00+

Add water bottle bosses, rack mounts, light mounts, kick stand plates, or get crazy and add a bottle opener. You decide anything you want and we'll add it to your custom bicycle.

Two sets of water bottle bosses are standard with road and cross bikes.


Internal Cable Routing: $125.00

Clean up your ride and put it on the inside!


Couplers: $550.00 and up

Stainless steel, polished S&S Machine couplers added to any bike allow you to break it down easily.

We can add these during your custom Majaco build or retrofit any round-tubed bike you'd like to break down.